AusIMM Thought Leadership Series 2019

16 – 31 July


AusIMM Thought Leadership Series 2019

Australia’s Chief Scientists

The Series will feature keynote presentations from Australia’s Chief Scientists. These scientists are appointed leaders on science and innovation, and are at the forefront of the technology that is changing the resources sector.

Their keynote presentations will cover global technological trends, examine future scenarios and challenge established assumptions.

Dr Amanda Caples

Lead Scientist, State Government Victoria


Prof Caroline McMillen

Chief Scientist, Government of South Australia


Prof Paul Bertsch

Chief Scientist, Queensland Government


Prof Peter Klinken

Chief Scientist, Government of Western Australia


Dr Steven Hill

Chief Scientist, Geoscience Australia.


In 2018, the Series attracted 1000+ attendees, with 36 per cent being at C-suite level.

As a national event, the 2019 Series will again present a unique opportunity to connect with key decision-makers around the country.

Data analytics, robotics and automation have profoundly changed the resources sector. As the industry becomes more digitised, highly-skilled professionals will play a key role in shaping the future of mining.

AusIMM’s 2019 Thought Leadership Series will showcase the leading role of professionals and explore the future of work in resources.

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